LS Distributor

LS Distributor
Item# KUP1011
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Product Description

KUPerf's LS Distributor provides hard core LS racers with an alternative. The KUP Distributor is designed to work with or without a motor plate and can work with the factory water pump, timing system and oil pump. It also features standard coil mounting and is tapped for AN-style adapters as an alternative to traditional water pump mounting.

The following items are included with the basic system:
- Black anodized A-Frame for mounting the distributor (standard or raised cam position)
- MSD Pro Billet Front Drive Distributor
- New GM Gen4 front timing cover machined for our kit
- Drive spud with bolts, drive gear with bolt/washer, and 2 belts
- Seal plate with seal installed and 4 stainless mounting screws
- Aluminum installation tools for aligning the front cover and seal plate installation

Please contact us for the following OPTIONS:

- Available with an optional mechanical fuel pump capable of supplying 2800hp. This item has options and is made to order, so please call
- MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set
- MSD Pro Power HVC Coil (45,000V)
- MSD 4X Trigger wheel
- Cloyes Timing Chain
- KUP LS2 Style Sync Pulse Adapter
- KUP Crank Sensor Bracket (sensor also available)
- Motor plate which includes distributor mount

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